My Process

01/ Gathering Information

Main goals for the brand image that client want to achive.

Examples of likes and dislikes.

Understanding of industry brand is in, and setting the
priorities based on the clients imput.

Keeping in mind if it should be digital or print oriented.

02/ Design Research

Gathering informations about the market and similar business identities.

Understanding the users, and keeping in mind when researching for art direction.

Back and forth researching when logo sketching (looking if mark already exist, examples of similar logos)

03/ Symbol Sketching

Based on research and client ideas, putting some ideas and directions on paper.

Selecting relevant ideas, and putting the first ideas to program.

Given the number of directions, explore best of them even further.

04/ Symbol Designing

After exploring ideas, determine the best of them and make few directions for the client.

Making 3 directions, with detailed explanation about the logo mark in single color.

Sending it to the client, and after further feedback making the final mark.

05/ Logo Designing

Adding and exploring different type of typography and variation with the symbol.

After client approval making horizontal and vertical versions of the logo.

Making the short version of the logo (for favicon,social media …)

06/ Creating Identity

Based on the research and the new logo determine the art direction and brand identity.

Picking typography and color palette for the brand.

Making visual examples on the standard formats for the content (vertical, horizontal, square).

More examples include photography treatments, icons, effects etc.

Idea Explanation

Idea behind the logo was to emphasize thinking out of the box. Since it’s both creative and digital studio goal was also to communicate digital and web. It also gives a hint of letter M that connects with the company name.
Idea was to make a wordmark logo, and also communicate that it’s a furniture company. This was simply made by expanding the letter l and fixing the letter f so it resembles a bar chair.
Idea was to play around the monogram and letters T & C. End result presents both monogram idea and also carer aspect with simply putting letter t inside.
This logo is for social media and influencer marketing agency. Main goal was to communicate process and emphasize the storyline and time in general. The mark represents open book and arc as in a storylines.
Company’s industry is in law assessment and providing second look at things and protecting individuals in damage situations. Idea was to make a wordmark and also present letter A as a roof over head, protecting individuals.
Idea was to illustrate the process of sound design and correcting things. The soundwave forms change and together make the letter M, illustrating the change.